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Year 6

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown for



Year 6


•   Do their sketches

•   Can they explain what their

•   Can they overprint using

•   Do their sketch books

communicate emotions and

own style is?

different colours?

contain detailed notes, and

a sense of self with accuracy

•   Can they use a wide range

•   Do they look very carefully

quotes explaining about

and imagination?

of techniques in their work?

at the methods they use and


•   Can they explain why they

•   Can they explain why they

make decisions about the

•   Do they compare their

have combined different

have chosen specific

effectiveness of their printing

methods to those of others

tools to create their

painting techniques?


and keep notes in their




sketch books?

•   Can they explain why they



•   Do they combine graphics

have chosen specific



and text based research of

drawing techniques?



commercial design, for




example magazines etc., to




influence the layout of their




sketch books.




•   Do they adapt and refine




their work to reflect its




meaning and purpose,




keeping notes and




annotations in their sketch





3D/ Textiles


Use of IT






•   Can they create models on

•   Can they justify the materials

•   Do they use software

•   Can they make a record

a range of scales?

they have chosen?

packages to create pieces

about the styles and

•   Can they create work which

•   Can they combine pattern,

of digital art to design.

qualities in their work?

is open to interpretation by

tone and shape?

•   Can they create a piece of

•   Can they say what their work

the audience?


art which can be used as

is influenced by?

•   Can they include both visual


part of a wider

•   Can they include technical

and tactile elements in their



aspects in their work, e.g.




architectural design?