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Year 6

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown

for History


Year 6


Chronological understanding


Knowledge and interpretation


Historical enquiry








•  Can they say where a period of

Can they summarise the main events

Can they look at two different


history fits on a timeline?


from a specific period in history,


versions and say how the author may


•  Can they place a specific event on


explaining the order in which key events


be attempting to persuade or give a


a timeline by decade?




specific viewpoint?


Can they summarise how Britain has



•  Can they place features of historical

Can they identify and explain their



had a major influence on world history?


events and people from past



understanding of propaganda?


Can they summarise what Britain may



societies and periods in a

Can they describe a key event from



have learnt from other countries and


chronological framework?



Britain’s past using a range of



civilizations through time gone by and





more recently?


evidence from different sources?



•   Can they describe features of historical






events and people from past societies






and periods they have studied?





•   Can they recognise and describe






differences and similarities/ changes and






continuity between different periods of


















Year 6 (Challenging)



  • Do they appreciate that some ancient civilizations showed greater advancements than people who lived centuries after them?
  • Can they suggest relationships between causes in history?
  • Can they appreciate how Britain once had an Empire and how that has helped or hindered our relationship with a number of countries today?
  • Can they trace the main events that define Britain’s journey from a mono to a multi-cultural society?
  • Can they suggest why there may be different interpretations of events?
  • Can they suggest why certain events, people and changes might be seen as more significant than others?
  • Can they pose and answer their own historical questions?