North Mymms St Mary's

CE Primary School

Overflowing with Thankfulness, Inspiration and Joy

Year 6

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown

for Design & Technology


Year 6


Developing, planning and communicating

Working with tools, equipment, materials and

Evaluating processes and products




components to make quality products










•  Can they use a range of information

•  Can they use tools and materials


•  How well do they test and evaluate

to inform their design?






their final product?

•  Can they use market research to

•  Do they change the way they are


•  Is it fit for purpose?

inform plans?



working if needed?



•  What would improve it?

•  Can they work within constraints?





•  Would different resources have

•  Can they follow and refine their plan





improved their product?

if necessary?







•  Would they need more or different

•  Can they justify their plan to





information to make it even better?

someone else?







•  Does their product meet all design

•  Do they consider culture and society







in their designs?







•  Did they consider the use of the








product when selecting materials?














Breadth of study











Cooking and nutrition



Electrical and

Stiff and flexible sheet

Mouldable materials

•  Can they explain

Have they thought



•  Can they justify why

how their product


about how their


•  Can they justify why

the chosen material

should be stored


product could be

•  Can they use


they selected

was the best for the

with reasons?




different kinds of


specific materials?


•  Can they set out to

Have they given

circuit in their

How have they

•  Can they justify

grow their own


considered thought



ensured that their

design in relation to

products with a


about what would

•  Can they think of


work is precise and

the audience?

view to making a


improve their


ways in which




salad, taking


product even


adding a circuit

•  Can they hide joints


account of time




would improve their


so as to improve the


required to grow






look of their


different foods?