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Year 6

      Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown for



Year 6


Geographical Enquiry

Physical Geography

Human Geography










Can they confidently

•  Can they give extended

•  Can they give an

•  Can they recognise key



explain scale and use

descriptions of the physical

extended description of

symbols used on ordnance



maps with a range of

features of different places

the human features of

survey maps?




around the world?

different places around the

•  Can they name the largest


•  Can they choose the best

•  Can they describe how


desert in the world?



way to collect information

some places are similar

•  Can they map land use

•  Can they identify and



needed and decide the

and others are different in

with their own criteria?

name the Tropics of



most appropriate units of

relation to their human

•  Can they describe how

Cancer and Capricorn as





some places are similar

well as the Artic and


Can they make careful

•  Can they accurately use a

and others are different in

Antarctic circles?



measurements and use the

4 figure grid reference?

relation to their physical

•  Can they explain how the




•  Can they create sketch


time zones work?


•  Can they use OS maps to

maps when carrying out a





answer questions?

field study?



  • Can they use maps, aerial photos, plans and web resources to describe what a locality might be like?


Year 6 (Challenging)


Can they define geographical questions to guide their research?   Can they use a range of self selected resources to answer questions?  

•  Can they plan a journey to

Can they explain how

•  Can they name and locate

another part of the world


human activity has caused

the main canals that link

which takes account of


an environment to

different continents?

time zones?



•  Can they name the main

•  Do they understand the

Can they analyse

lines of latitude and

term sustainable


population data on two

meridian of longitude?

development? Can they


settlements and report on


use it in different contexts?


findings and questions