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Year 6

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown for



Year 6


Algorithms and Programs

Data Retrieving and Organising





•   Can they explain how an algorithm works?

•   Can they explore the menu options and

•   Can they conduct a video chat with people

•   Can they detect errors in a program and

experiment with images (colour effects,

in another country or organisation?

correct them?

options, snap to grid, grid settings etc.)?


•   Can they use an ICT program to control a

•   Can they add special effects to alter the


number of events for an external device?

appearance of a graphic?


•   Can they use ICT to measure sound, light or

•   Can they ‘save as’ gif or i peg. wherever


temperature using sensors and interpret the

possible to make the file size smaller (for



emailing or downloading)?


•   Can they explore ‘what if’ questions by

•   Can they make an information poster using


planning different scenarios for controlled

their graphics skills to good effect?





•   Can they use input from sensors to trigger






•   Can they check and refine a series of









Using the Internet






•   Can they contribute to discussions online?

•   Can they collect live data using data

•   Can they present a film for a specific

•   Can they use a search engine using keyword

logging equipment?

audience and then adapt same film for a


•   Can they identify data error, patterns and

different audience?

•   Can they use complex searches using such


•   Can they create a sophisticated multimedia

as ‘+’ ‘OR’ ”Find the phrase in inverted

•   Can they use the formulae bar to explore



mathematical scenarios?

•   Can they confidently choose the correct


•   Can they create their own database and

page set up option when creating a


present information from it?




•   Can they confidently use text formatting



tools, including heading and body text?



•   Can they use the ‘hanging indent’ tool to



help format work where appropriate (e.g. a



play script)?





Year 6 (Challenging)


  • Can they incorporate graphics where appropriate, using the most effective text wrapping formats?
  • Can they conduct a video chat with more than one person at a time?
  • Can they compare the information provided on two tabbed websites looking for bias and perspective?