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Year 5

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown for



Year 5


•   Can they identify and draw

•   Can they create a range of

•   Can they print using a number

•   Do they keep notes in their

simple objects, and use marks

moods in their paintings?

of colours?

sketch books as to how they

and lines to produce texture?

•   Can they express their

•   Can they create an accurate

might develop their work

•   Do they successfully use

emotions accurately through

print design that meets a


shading to create mood and

their painting and sketches?

given criteria?

•   Do they use their sketch books



•   Can they print onto different

to compare and discuss ideas

•   Can they organise line, tone,



with others?

shape and colour to represent




figures and forms in








•   Can they show reflections?




•   Can they explain why they




have chosen specific




materials to draw with?




3D/ Textiles


Use of IT






•   Do they experiment with and

•   Can they use ceramic mosaic

•   Can they create a piece of

•   Can they experiment with

combine materials and

to produce a piece of art?

art work which includes the

different styles which artists

processes to design and make

•   Can they combine visual and

integration of digital images

have used?

3D form?

tactile qualities to express

they have taken?

•   Do they learn about the work

•   Can they sculpt clay and

mood and emotion?

•   Can they combine graphics

of others by looking at their

other mouldable materials?


and text based on their

work in books, the Internet,

•   Can they use textile and



visits to galleries and other

sewing skills as part of a


•   Can they scan images and

sources of information?

project, e.g. hanging, textile


take digital photos, and use


book, etc.? This could include


software to alter them, adapt


running stitch, cross stitch,


them and create work with


backstitch, appliqué and/or






•   Can they create digital




images with animation, video




and sound to communicate




their ideas?