North Mymms St Mary's

CE Primary School

Overflowing with Thankfulness, Inspiration and Joy

Year 5

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown for



Year 5



Composing (incl notation)





•  Do they breathe in the correct

•  Can they change sounds or

•  Can they describe, compare

place when singing?

organise them differently to

and evaluate music using

•  Can they sing and use their

change the effect?

musical vocabulary?

understanding of meaning to

•  Can they compose music which

•  Can they explain why they think

add expression?

meets specific criteria?

their music is successful or

•  Can they maintain their part

•  Can they use their notations to


whilst others are performing their

record groups of pitches

•  Can they suggest improvements



to their own or others’ work?

•  Can they perform ‘by ear’ and

•  Can they use a music diary to

•  Can they choose the most

from simple notations?

record aspects of the

appropriate tempo for a piece

•  Can they improvise within a

composition process?

of music?

group using melodic and

•  Can they choose the most

•  Can they contrast the work of

rhythmic phrases?

appropriate tempo for a piece

famous composers and show

•  Can they recognise and use

of music?


basic structural forms e.g.



rounds, variations, rondo form?







Year 5 (Challenging)





•  Can they use pitches

•  Do they understand the relation

•  Can they explain how tempo

simultaneously to produce

between pulse and syncopated

changes the character of

harmony by building up simple




•  Can they identify (and use) how

•  Can they identify where a

•  Can they devise and play a

patterns of repetitions, contrasts

gradual change in dynamics

repeated sequence of pitches

and variations can be organised

has helped to shape a phrase of

on a tuned instrument to

to give structure to a melody,


accompany a song?

rhythm, dynamic and timbre?