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Year 5

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown

for History


Year 5


Chronological understanding


Knowledge and interpretation

Historical enquiry





•  Can they use dates and historical

Can they describe historical events

•  Can they test out a hypothesis in

language in their work?


from the different period/s they are

order to answer a question?

•  Can they draw a timeline with


studying/have studied?

•  Do they appreciate how historical

different time periods outlined which

Can they make comparisons between

artefacts have helped us understand

show different information, such as,


historical periods; explaining things that

more about British lives in the present

periods of history, when famous


have changed and things which have

and past?

people lived, etc.?


stayed the same?


Can they explain the role that Britain


•  Can they use their mathematical skills



has had in spreading Christian values


to work out exact time scales and




across the world?


differences as need be?



Can they begin to appreciate that






how we make decisions has been




through a Parliament for some time?



•  Do they appreciate that significant




events in history have helped shape




the country we have today?



•  Do they have a good understanding




as to how crime and punishment has




changed over the years?







Year 5 (Challenging)


•  Can they create timelines which

•  Do they appreciate how plagues and

•  Can they research the life of one

outline the development of specific

other major events have created huge

person who has had an influence on

features, such as medicine;

differences to the way medicines and

the way Great Britain is divided into

weaponry; transport, etc.

health care was developed?

four separate countries?