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Year 5

Online Safety



In year 5 the children will discuss all aspects of online safety.

We will discuss using avatars, not sharing personal information, age for and the use of social media, being kind online, stranger danger, locking down profile settings, blocking and  CEOP. We also discuss how to maintain a healthy profile and how to look after our well-being whilst online.

We will watch a short video about keeping personal information safe.



 Safer Internet Day - SID – is on the 11th February 2020.

 The focus this year will be “Together for a Better Internet".

 The children will be doing age appropriate workshops the entire week.


Online safety is embedded in all the children's units

Autumn Term Computing:


Data Matters - Produce a digital resource, selecting software and combining different digital content in an appropriate format to inform younger pupils about an aspect of the online world – esafety, safe and effective searching, reducing their digital footprints, using online spaces safely.


Spring Term Computing:


Robotics - To investigate automated systems in the wider world and the use of sensors within them.  They consider natural systems and use abstraction to represent them. Create, test, debug and refine algorithms, pseudocode and the related programs using sequence, selection, repetition and variables. To program physical devices, controlling inputs and outputs, relating to their study of automated systems. Use decomposition and algorithms / pseudocode to plan a program to control a physical/onscreen device which includes input sensors and output devices for a specific brief.


Summer Term Computing:


Morphing Images - Children use 3D graphical modelling to create and explore objects. They review operating systems. They evaluate films and animations, going on to create live film or animation. Children to choose to create a film, an animation or 3D graphic to meet a specific need and audience. Explain the stages of the creation of their work, detailing how these meet the audience/purpose. Share their work and revisit it to refine and/or develop. Children to demonstrate their understanding of copyright and ownership. Evaluate the effectiveness of the final product and how it meets the given criteria.