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Year 5

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown for



Year 5


Algorithms and Programs

Data Retrieving and Organising





•   Can they combine sequences of instructions

•   Can they listen to streaming audio such as

•   Can they use instant messaging to

and procedures to turn devices on or off?

online radio?

communicate with class members?

•   Do they understand input and output?

•   Can they download and listen to podcasts?

•   Can they conduct a video chat with

•   Can they use an ICT program to control an

•   Can they produce and upload a podcast?

someone elsewhere in the school or in

external device that is electrical and/or

•   Can they manipulate sounds using

another school?




•   Can they use ICT to measure sound or light

•   Can they select music from open sources


or temperate using sensors?

and incorporate it into multimedia


•   Can they explore ‘What is’ questions by



playing adventure or quest games?

•   Can they work on simple film editing?


•   Can they write programs that have



sequences and repetitions?






Using the Internet






•   Can they use a search engine using keyword

•   Can they create a formula in a spreadsheet

•   Can they use a range of presentation


and then check for accuracy and


•   Can they compare the results of different


•   Do they consider audience when editing a


•   Can they search databases for information

simple film?

•   Can they decide which sections are

using symbols such as = > or <?

•   Do they know how to prepare and then

appropriate to copy and paste from at least

•   Can they create databases planning the

present a simple film?

two web pages?

fields, rows and columns?

•   Can they use ICT to record sounds and

•   Can they save stored information following

•   Can they create graphs and tables to be

capture both still and video images?

simple lines of enquiry?

copied and pasted into other documents?

•   Can they make a home page for a website

•   Can they download a document and save it


that contains links to other pages?

to the computer?


•   Can they capture sounds, images and






•   Can they use the word count tool to check



the length of a document?



•   Can they use bullets and numbering tools?





Year 5 (Challenging)


  • Can they make a multimedia presentation that contains: sound; animation; video and buttons to navigate?
  • Can they save an image document as a gif or i peg. file format using the ‘save as’ command?
  • Can they make an information poster using graphics skills to good effect?