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Year 4

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown for



Year 4


•  Can they begin to show

•  Can they create all the

•  Can they print using at least

•  Can they use their sketch


facial expressions and body

colours they need?

four colours?

books to express their


language in their sketches?

•  Can they create mood in

•  Can they create an

feelings about various

•  Can they identify and draw

their paintings?

accurate print design?

subjects and outline likes


simple objects, and use

•  Do they successfully use

•  Can they print onto

and dislikes?


marks and lines to produce

shading to create mood

different materials?

•  Can they produce a



and feeling?


montage all about

Can they organise line,





tone, shape and colour to



•  Do they use their sketch


represent figures and forms



books to adapt and


in movement?



improve their original

Can they show reflections?




•  Can they explain why they



•  Do they keep notes about


have chosen specific



the purpose of their work in


materials to draw with?



their sketch books?






•  Do they experiment with

•  Can they use ceramic

•  Can they present a

•  Can they experiment with

and combine materials and


collection of their work on a

different styles which artists

processes to design and

•  Can they combine visual

slide show?

have used?

make 3D form?

and tactile qualities?

•  Can they create a piece of

•  Can they explain art from

•  Can they begin to sculpt


art work which includes the

other periods of history?

clay and other mouldable


integration of digital




images they have taken?


•  Can they use early textile


•  Can they combine


and sewing skills as part of


graphics and text based on


a project?


their research?