North Mymms St Mary's

CE Primary School

Overflowing with Thankfulness, Inspiration and Joy

Year 4

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown for



Year 4




Composing (incl notation)






•  Can they perform a simple part

Can they use notations to

•  Can they explain the place of



record and interpret sequences

silence and say what effect it

•  Can they sing songs from


of pitches?


memory with accurate pitch?

•  Can they use standard

•  Can they start to identify the

•  Can they improvise using



character of a piece of music?

repeated patterns?

Can they use notations to

•  Can they describe and identify



record compositions in a small

the different purposes of music?



group or on their own?

•  Can they begin to identify with


•  Can they use their notation in a

the style of work of Beethoven,




Mozart and Elgar?






Year 4 (Challenging)

  • Can they use selected pitches simultaneously to produce simple harmony?
  • Can they explore and use sets of pitches, e.g. 4 or 5 note scales?
  • Can they show how they can use dynamics to provide contrast?
  • Can they identify how a change in timbre can change the effect of a piece of music?