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Year 4

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown

for History


Year 4


Chronological understanding

Knowledge and interpretation

Historical enquiry




•   Can they plot recent history on a

•   Can they explain how events from the

•   Can they research two versions of an

timeline using centuries?

past have helped shape our lives?

event and say how they differ?

•   Can they place periods of history on a

•   Do they appreciate that wars have

•   Can they research what it was like for a

timeline showing periods of time?

happened from a very long time ago

child in a given period from the past and

•   Can they use their mathematical skills to

and are often associated with invasion,

use photographs and illustrations to

round up time differences into centuries

conquering or religious differences?

present their findings?

and decades?

•   Do they know that people who lived in

•   Can they give more than one reason to


the past cooked and travelled differently

support an historical argument?


and used different weapons from ours?

•   Can they communicate knowledge and


•   Do they recognise that the lives of

understanding orally and in writing and


wealthy people were very different from

offer points of view based upon what


those of poor people?

they have found out?


•   Do they appreciate how items found



belonging to the past are helping us to



build up an accurate picture of how



people lived in the past?






Year 4 (Challenging)


  • Can they use their mathematical skills to help them work out the time differences between certain major events in history?
  • Can they begin to build up a picture of what main events happened in Britain/ the world during different centuries?
  • Can they recognise that people’s way of life in the past was dictated by the work they did?
  • Do they appreciate that the food people ate was different because of the availability of different sources of food?


  • Do they appreciate that weapons will have changed by the developments and inventions that would have occurred within a given time period?
  • Do they appreciate that wealthy people would have had a very different way of living which would have impacted upon their health and education?