North Mymms St Mary's

CE Primary School

Overflowing with Thankfulness, Inspiration and Joy

Year 4

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown

for Design & Technology


Year 4


Developing, planning and

Working with tools, equipment, materials




and components to make quality


Evaluating processes and products

communicating ideas





















•  Can they come up with at least one

Can they tell if their finished product

•  Have they thought of how they will

idea about how to create their


is going to be good quality?



check if their design is successful?




Are they conscience of the need to

•  Can they begin to explain how they

•  Do they take account of the ideas


produce something that will be liked

can improve their original design?

of others when designing?


by others?



•  Can they evaluate their product,

•  Can they produce a plan and

Can they show a good level of



thinking of both appearance and

explain it to others?




expertise when using a range of


the way it works?

•  Can they suggest some



tools and equipment?



•  Do they take time to consider how

improvements and say what was

Do they work at their product even

they could have made their idea

good and not so good about their


though their original idea might not



original design?




have worked?






















Breadth of study












Cooking and nutrition




Electrical and

Stiff and flexible sheet

Mouldable materials

•  Do they know what

Do they think what



•  Can they use a

to do to be


the user would



Can they measure

range of advanced

hygienic and safe?


want when



Can they add


carefully so as to

techniques to

•  Have they thought


choosing textiles?


things to their


make sure they

shape and mould?

what they can do

Have they thought




have not made

•  Do they use

to present their


about how to make

How have they




product in an


their product




altered their

How have they


interesting way?






product after


attempted to make

showing an


Can they devise a


checking it?


their product

awareness of






Are they confident





Can they explain


about trying out







how to join things in


new and different







a different way?