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Year 4

  Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown for



Year 4


Geographical Enquiry

Physical Geography


Human Geography








•  Can they carry out a survey

•  Can they describe the

Can they explain why

•  Can they locate the Tropic

to discover features of

main features of a well-


people are attracted to

of Cancer and the Tropic

cities and villages?

known city?


live in cities?

of Capricorn?

•  Can they find the same

•  Can they describe the

Can they explain why

•  Do they know the

place on a globe and in an

main features of a village?


people may choose to live

difference between the


•  Can they describe the


in a village rather than a

British Isles, Great Britain

•  Can they label the same

main physical differences



and UK?

features on an aerial

between cities and

•  Can they explain how a

•  Do they know the countries

photograph as on a map?



locality has changed over

that make up the

•  Can they plan a journey to

•  Can they use appropriate


time with reference to

European Union?

a place in England?

symbols to represent


human features?

•  Can they name up to six

•  Can they accurately

different physical features

Can they find different

cities in the UK and locate

measure and collect

on a map?


views about an

them on a map?

information(e.g. rainfall,



environmental issue? What

•  Can they locate and name

temperature, wind speed,



is their view?

some of the main islands

noise levels etc.)?


Can they suggest different

that surround the UK?




ways that a locality could

•  Can they name the areas




be changed and

of origin of the main ethnic





groups in the UK & in their










Year 4 (Challenging)







•  Can they give accurate

•  Can they explain how a

Can they explain how

•  Can they name the

measurements between 2

locality has changed over


people are trying to

counties that make up the

given places within the UK?

time with reference to


manage their

home counties of London?


physical features?



•  Can they name some of





the main towns and cities





in Yorkshire and