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Year 4

Online Safety



In year 4 the children  will be talking about technology and life online. We discuss the importance of personal information – what is it, and the importance of  not sharing it online. We will also discuss social media, having a healthy profile and looking after our well-being.


 Safer Internet Day - SID – is on the 11th February 2020.

 The focus this year will be “Together for a Better Internet".

 The children will be doing age appropriate workshops the entire week.


Online safety is embedded in all the children's units



Autumn Term Computing:


Authoring - Plan a non-linear multimedia text for a specific purpose. Choosing appropriate applications and create text. Demonstrate an understanding of copyright and ownership. Evaluate and consider improvements in light of peer discussions.


Spring Term Computing:


Developing Communication - To use online communication tools such as email and blogs to support collaborative learning, safely and respectfully. To begin to investigate the technology used in digital communication networks. To use simple sound editing software to record and manipulate sound clips.  Create a sound project for a given audience/purpose.  Share their work via email, blog or other digital communication tool.


Summer Term Computing:


Accuracy Counts - Children discuss computer networks including the internet and the services it offers.  They explore how search engines work and what influences results, evaluating search engines and using sources.  They learn about the threat from computer viruses, develop understanding of intellectual property and relate this to their own content. They use spreadsheet software to create graphs and to explore number patterns. Children to carry out some research related to a curriculum topic, ideally designing their own research questions and identifying key words.  The research should include numerical data. 

Present the information they have found, including using a spreadsheet to produce appropriate supporting graphs.

      Evaluate their work and consider how it could be improved further.