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Year 4

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown for



Year 4


Algorithms and Programs

Data Retrieving and Organising





•   Can they use repeat instructions to draw

•   Can they capture images using

•   Do they appreciate the benefits of ICT

regular shapes on screen, using

webcams, screen capture, scanning,

to send messages and to


visualiser and internet?


•   Can they experiment with variables to

•   Can they choose images and

•   Can they use the automatic spell

control models?

download into a file?

checker to edit spellings?

•   Can they make turns specifying the

•   Can they download images from the



camera into files on the computer?


•   Can they give an on-screen robot

•   Can they copy graphics from a range of


specific directional instructions that

sources and paste into a desktop


takes them from x to y?

publishing program?


•   Can they make accurate predictions



about the outcome of a program they



have written?






Using the Internet






•   Can they use a search engine to find a

•   Can they input data into a prepared

•   Can they create a lengthy presentation

specific website?


that moves from slide to slide and is

•   Can they use note-taking skills to decide

•   Can they sort and search a database to

aimed at a specific audience?

which text to copy and paste into a

answer simple questions?

•   Can they insert sound recordings into a


•   Do they recognise what a spread sheet

multi media presentation?

•   Can they use tabbed browsing to open


•   Do they know how to manipulate text,

two or more web pages at the same

•   Can they use the terms ‘cells’, ‘rows’

underline text, centre text, change font


and ‘columns’?

and size and save text to a folder?

•   Can they open a link to a new window?

•   Can they enter data, highlight it and


•   Can they open a document (PDF) and

make bar charts?


view it?



Year 4 (Challenging)


  • Can they use photo editing software to crop photographs and add effects?
  • Can they copy and paste the graph/bar chart and use it in a WP document?
  • Can they use animation in their presentation?