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Year 3 Chestnut

Week Beginning 20/04/20



Each day, you can start your maths learning by practising number bonds and timetable using Hit the button or Times Table Rockstars. Next, you can complete the worksheet for each day (which you'll find below but we'll also try to load onto Seesaw each day).



Over the next 7 weeks, we’ll be joining #LitFilmFest for their daily English Lessons based around the fantastic short story El Dorado by John Roberts. Make sure to download the story and visit their page every day at 10:30 am for the lesson (if you miss 10:30 am don’t worry it will be available any time after that!) All the resources are below.



This year Easter had to be celebrated very differently. We’ve looked at three events – Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday – in our RE lessons.  For Christians, these three parts of the story are about joy, sadness or despair, and hope.  Create a triptych (a three-part picture) with the central frame showing hope, the left frame showing sadness and the right frame showing joy. Produce ‘salvation artwork’ for each frame showing joy, hope or sadness/despair in Holy Week and in the world today. Make sure you write an explanation of your ‘salvation art’.

You can finish by watching the video in the resources section below. Which parts of the Easter Story can you spot in the story? Which part of the Holy Week might this song be sung on?



Sadly, we didn’t get the chance to finish our Stone Age topic together! There are a couple of great guides below in the resource section and then I'd like you to complete one these activities:

  • Create a timeline to show some of the main events pre-historic people.
  • Make a Stone Age poster about an area of your choice (e.g. food, clothing, farming, homes, animals, weapons)
  • A model of a prehistoric dwelling made out of a material of your choice (e.g. playdough, LegoTM, paper) with labels
  • Create your own Stonehenge and tell me your theory about why Stonehenge exists…



To finish your day make sure to check out Day of the Hamster ‘by Philip Reeve. The next chapter in the Buster Bayliss Story is below.

Which parts of the Easter Story can you spot in the story? Which part of the Holy Week might this song be sung on?

Buster Bayliss Day of the Hamster by Philip Reeve

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

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