North Mymms St Mary's

CE Primary School

Overflowing with Thankfulness, Inspiration and Joy

Year 3

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown for

Physical Education


Year 3


Acquiring and


Evaluating and

Health and fitness




developing skills










•   Can they select and use the

•   Can they explain how their

•   Can they explain why it is

•   Can they improvise freely,

most appropriate skills,


work is similar and different

important to warm-up and

translating ideas from a

actions or ideas?


from that of others?


stimulus into movement?

•   Can they move and use

With help, do they recognise

•   Can they identify some

•   Can they share and create

actions with co-ordination


how performances could be

muscle groups used in

phrases with a partner and in

and control?



gymnastic activities?

small groups?





•   Can they repeat, remember





and perform these phrases in





a dance?

















•   Can they throw and catch

•   Can they use a greater

•   Can they run at fast, medium

•   Can they follow a map in a

with control when under


number of their own ideas for

and slow speeds, changing

familiar context?

limited pressure?


movement in response to a

speed and direction?

•   Can they move from one

•   Are they aware of space and



•   Can they link running and

location to another following

use it to support team-mates

•   Can they adapt sequences

jumping activities with some

a map?

and cause problems for the


to suit different types of

fluency, control and

•   Can they use clues to follow a



apparatus and their partner’s



•   Do they know and use rules



•   Can they make up and

•   Can they follow a route

fairly to keep games going?

Can they explain how

repeat a short sequence of


•   Can they keep possession


strength and suppleness

linked jumps?


with some success when using


affect performances?

•   Can they take part in a relay


equipment that is not used for

Can they compare and

activity, remembering when


throwing and catching skills?


contrast gymnastic

to run and what to do?




sequences, commenting on

•   Do they throw a variety of




similarities and differences?

objects, changing their action





for accuracy and distance?