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Year 3

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown

for History


Year 3


Chronological understanding


Knowledge and interpretation

Historical enquiry







•   Can they describe events and periods

Do they appreciate that the early Brits

•   Do they recognise the part that


using the words: BC, AD and decade?


would not have communicated as we do or

archaeologists have had in helping us


•   Can they describe events from the past

have eaten as we do?

understand more about what happened in


using dates when things happened?

Can they begin to picture what life would

the past?



have been like for the early settlers?

•   Can they use various sources of evidence to


•   Can they describe events and periods



Can they recognise that Britain has been

answer questions?


using the words: ancient and century?



invaded by several different groups over

•   Can they use various sources to piece


•   Can they use a timeline within a





together information about a period in


specific time in history to set out the

Do they realise that invaders in the past



order things may have happened?


would have fought fiercely, using hand to

•   Can they research a specific event from the


•   Can they use their mathematical


hand combat?



knowledge to work out how long ago

Can they suggest why certain events

•   Can they use their ‘information finding’ skills


events would have happened?

happened as they did in history?

in writing to help them write about historical



Can they suggest why certain people acted





as they did in history?

•   Can they, through research, identify





similarities and differences between given





periods in history?







Year 3 - Challenging


  • Can they set out on a timeline, within a given period, what special events took place?


  • Can they begin to recognise and quantify the different time periods that exists between different groups that invaded Britain?
  • Can they begin to appreciate why Britain would have been an important country to have invaded and conquered?


  • Can they appreciate that war/s would inevitably have brought much distress and bloodshed?


  • Do they have an appreciation that wars start for specific reasons and can last for a very long time?


  • Do they appreciate that invaders were often away from their homes for very long periods and would have been ‘homesick’?


  • Can they begin to use more than one source of information to bring together a conclusion about an historical event?


  • Can they use specific search engines on the Internet to help them find information more rapidly?