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Year 3

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown for



Year 3


Algorithms and Programs

Data Retrieving and Organising







•  Can they experiment with variables to

•  Can they review images on a camera

Can they use the email address book?

control models?

and delete unwanted images?

Can they open and send an

•  Can they use 90 degree and 45

•  Have they experienced downloading



degree turns?

images from a camera into files on the



•  Can they give an on-screen robot




directional instructions?

•  Can they use photo editing software



•  Can they draw a square, rectangle

to crop photos and add effects?



and other regular shapes on screen,

•  Can they manipulate sound when



using commands?

using simple recording story boarding?



•  Can they write more complex












Using the Internet








•  Can they find relevant information by

•  Can they input data into a prepared

Can they create a presentation that

browsing a menu.



moves from slide to slide and is aimed

•  Can they search for an image, then

•  Can they sort and search a database


at a specific audience?

copy and paste it into a document?

to answer simple questions?

Can they combine text, images and

•  Can they use ‘Save picture as‘ to save

•  Can they use a branching database?


sounds and show awareness of

an image to the computer?




•  Can they copy and paste text into a


Do they know how to manipulate




text, underline text, centre text,

•  Do they begin to use note making skills



change font and size and save text to

to decide what text to copy?



a folder?

Year 3 (Challenging)


  • Can they search by keyword using a child friendly search engine?


  • Can they bookmark a page into your favourites?


  • Can they contribute to a class blog?


  • Can they use repeat command in logo to create a pattern?