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Year 2

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown for



Year 2


Algorithms and Programs

Data Retrieving and







•  Can they predict the outcomes

•  Can they find information on a

•  Can they send and reply to

of a set of instructions?


messages sent by a safe email

•  Can they use right angle turns?

•  Can they click links in a

partner (within school)?

•  Can they use the repeat


•  Can they word process a piece


•  Can they print a web page to

of text?

•  Can they test and amend a set

use as a resource?

•  Can they insert/delete a word

of instructions?

•  Can they experiment with text,

using the mouse and arrow

•  Can they write a simple

pictures and animation to


program and test it?

make a simple slide show?

•  Can they highlight text to

•  Can they predict what the

•  Can they use the shape tools to

change its format (B, U, I)?

outcome of a simple program





will be?










Year 2 (Challenging)


  • Can they create a presentation in a small group and record the narration?


  • Can they record sounds into software and playback?


  • Can they insert prerecorded sounds into a presentation?


  • Can they capture still and moving images?