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Year 2

  Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown for



Year 2


Geographical Enquiry

Physical Geography

Human Geography










•  Can they label a diagram

•  Can they describe some

•  Can they describe some

•  Can they name the



or photograph using some

physical features of their

human features of their

continents of the world and



geographical words?

own locality?

own locality, such as the

find them in an atlas?


•  Can they find out about a

•  Can they explain what

jobs people do?

•  Can they name the world’s



locality by using different

makes a locality special?

•  Can they explain how the

oceans and find them in



sources of evidence?

•  Can they describe some

jobs people do may be

an atlas?


•  Can they find out about a

places which are not near

different in different parts of

•  Can they name the major



locality by asking some

the school?

the world?

cities of England, Wales,



relevant questions to

•  Can they describe a place

•  Do they think that people

Scotland and Ireland?



someone else?

outside Europe using

ever spoil the area? How?

•  Can they find where they


•  Can they say what they like

geographical words?

•  Do they think that people

live on a map of the UK?



and don’t like about their

•  Can they describe some of

try to make the area




locality and another

the features associated

better? How?




locality like the seaside?

with an island?

•  Can they explain what





•  Can they describe the key

facilities a town or village





features of a place, using

might need?





words like, beach, coast






forest, hill, mountain,






ocean, valley?











Year 2 (Challenging)









Can they make inferences

•  Can they find the longest

•  Can they explain how the

•  Can they locate some of



by looking at a weather

and shortest route using a

weather affects different

the world’s major rivers and






mountain ranges?


Can they make plausible

•  Can they use a map,


•  Can they point out the



predictions about what the

photographs, film or plan to


North, South, East and West



weather may be like in

describe a contrasting


associated with maps and



different parts of the world?

locality outside Europe?