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Year 1

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown

for History


Year 1


Chronological understanding


Knowledge and interpretation

Historical enquiry





•   Can they put up to three objects in

Do they appreciate that some famous

•   Can they ask and answer questions

chronological order (recent history)?


people have helped our lives be better

about old and new objects?

•   Can they use words and phrases like:



•   Can they spot old and new things in a

old, new and a long time ago?

Do they recognise that we celebrate


•   Can they tell me about things that


certain events, such as bonfire night,

•   Can they answer questions using a

happened when they were little?


because of what happened many

artefact/ photograph provided?

•   Can they recognise that a story that is


years ago?

•   Can they give a plausible explanation

read to them may have happened a

Do they understand that we have a

about what an object was used for in

long time ago?


queen who rules us and that Britain has

the past?

•   Do they know that some objects


had a king or queen for many years?


belonged to the past?

Can they begin to identify the main


•   Can they retell a familiar story set in the


differences between old and new






•   Can they explain how they have

Can they identify objects from the past,


changed since they were born?


such as vinyl records?








Year 1 (Challenging)






•   Can they put up to five objects/events

Can they explain why certain objects

•   Can they answer questions using a

in chronological order (recent history)?


were different in the past, e.g. iron,

range of artefacts/ photographs

•   Can they use words and phrases like:


music systems, televisions?


very old, when mummy and daddy

Can they tell us about an important

•   Can they find out more about a famous

were little?


historical event that happened in the

person from the past and carry out

•   Can they use the words before and



some research on him or her?

after correctly?

Can they explain differences between


•   Can they say why they think a story was


past and present in their life and that of


set in the past?


other children from a different time in







Do they know who will succeed the




queen and how the succession works?