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Year 1

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding breakdown for



Year 1


Geographical Enquiry

Physical Geography

Human Geography









•  Can they say what they like

•  Can they tell someone their

•  Can they begin to explain

•  Can they identify the four


about their locality?


why they would wear

countries making up the


•  Can they sort things they

•  Can they explain the main

different clothes at

United Kingdom?


like and don’t like?

features of a hot and cold

different times of the year?

•  Can they name some of


•  Can they answer some


•  Can they tell something

the main towns and cities


questions using different

•  Can they describe a

about the people who live

in the United Kingdom?


resources, such as books,

locality using words and

in hot and cold places?

•  Can they point out where


the internet and atlases?


•  Can they explain what

the equator, north pole


•  Can they think of a few

•  Can they explain how the

they might wear if they

and south pole are on a


relevant questions to ask

weather changes with

lived in a very hot or a very

globe or atlas?


about a locality?

each season?

cold place?



•  Can they answer questions

•  Can they name key




about the weather?

features associated with a




•  Can they keep a weather

town or village, e.g.





‘church’, ‘farm’, ‘shop’,















Year 1 (Challenging)

•  Can they answer questions using a weather chart? •  Can they make plausible predictions about what the weather may be like later in the day or tomorrow?  

•  Can they name key

•  Can they name different

•  Can they name a few

features associated with a

jobs that people living in

towns in the south and

town or village, e.g.

their area might do?

north of the UK?