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“Inspiring fascination about the world and its people” 


We inspire young geographers to flourish and give them the skills, knowledge and learning experiences that promote an enthusiasm for and enjoyment of geography into the future.

The curriculum is our model of progression. Knowledge (disciplinary and substantive) increases in complexity from EYFS through to the end of KS2 in a carefully structured sequence. Our curriculum empowers the children of St Mary’s, Welham Green to see the world, explore our identity and relationships and consider how we look after our planet and its people. 

We don’t follow a scheme; we follow our curriculum.

As a school, we have bought into some high-quality schemas and are able to provide high-quality resources. We realise, however, that it is essential that learning starts with where our children are, and that learning is sequenced and adapted to each individual class. This is why we have created our enquiry overview Teacher Guide sheets.

The prompts on our enquiry Teacher Guide sheets have been designed to help teachers identify the steps in progression, within each enquiry, in order for children to achieve the broad National Curriculum objectives (shown in bold under our enquiry questions at the top of each page). It also aims to guide teachers on how to unpack these enquiries by answering key questions and imparting key knowledge. We have also signposted where previous learning has happened so that teachers can ensure objectives from previous years are embedded and where not ensure they are revisited.


Geographical Threads Progression

Geography Skills

Geography Skills

Barriers to and solutions for engagement, progress and achievement (SEND)