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“Using computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.



Computing as a subject at St Mary’s is taught discretely in carefully planned and well-pitched lessons, sequenced in a meaningful way and in a cross-curricular manner when there are appropriate opportunities. Computing’s learning journey starts in the Early Years and progresses thoughtfully through to Year 6, which allows for a strong transition of skills into secondary school. It gives children strong foundations in programming, coding, computer science and digital communication that they can build on and realise their aspirations in the future.

Harmonious with our commitment to “flourish for the future,” at St Mary’s we realise that we must ensure that pupils are given the tools and the skills to thrive in their future education and careers, which we acknowledge will rely heavily on a sound understanding of how to navigate the digital world.

Our computing curriculum is taught through three interrelated strands: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy. These strands have been balanced across the whole school, spiralling, so that pupils cover and revisit all areas, ensuring a spread of complimentary opportunities and skills, and ensuring curriculum coverage.

Links to computer science are made when working through an information technology unit. For example, using the practice of algorithmic thinking to plan out an animation, a story or a presentation in logical chunks of information that flow together as a whole.

Features of information technology are part of every ‘computer science’ lesson. For example, incorporating art and design or sound into programs that children are designing and coding.

At St Mary’s, we acknowledge it is our duty to ensure that our pupils can benefit from the incredible advantages of using computing and digital tools in the classroom in a safe and engaging way. Digital literacy is taught in discreet online safety units but also integrated throughout all units where children share work, collaborate and discuss features of online safety. Computing also has close links with our Jigsaw PSHE lessons, as we create learners who are safe and savvy about the dangers of the digital world.

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