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Charterhouse Residential 2023

Day One

After a long journey (including driving past the incredible Stonehenge) we arrived at Charterhouse in time to explore the site, give children a chance to settle in their rooms and have lunch. "The rooms are great and I have a top bunk!" said Tomi. 

After lunch, we went outside with Claire to do some teamwork challenges, including the spider's web, river crossing, drain pipe roll and the boardwalk. They were lots of fun though we did discover the icy rain that the Mendips have to offer! After some warming hot chocolate and fresh cookies, we played some games before dinner (the sticky toffee pudding certainly went down well).

The night walk gave us all an excellent opportunity to test out our torches as we walked to the top of a local hill with views all the way to Bristol, Western-super-Mare and even Wales! When we came back, children had the chance to go to bed or stay up for some card games with Mr Guilder.

Day Two

A second day packed full of activities: low ropes, archery, gorge walking and caving. There was also loads of excellent food and children were exhausted by the evening when it came to outdoor games and card games in the hall.

“I love the caving, it was fun but I did feel little claustrophobic. It didn’t stop me doing all the challenges though.” James

“I enjoyed ‘Hunting Mr Kilpatrick’ because we got to explore more of the centre in the dark” Chloe

“Gorge walking was amazing, getting to climb up the waterfall and the ‘hot tub’ was more like an ice tub!” Rocky

“Archery was my highlight; I loved shooting the arrows and the different games we played.” Ellie

Day Three

A third day jam-packed with incredible activities, including bouldering/climbing, orienteering around a stunning nature reserve, bushcraft including fire making, caving and the ever popular gorge walking. In the evening, we had a bonfire where we could toast marshmallows and eat s’mores before movie night in the hall.

“I have enjoyed Mr Guilder’s singing alarm clock” Cyrus

“Caving was scary but really exciting.” Leo

“The bonfire was great, the s’mores were fantastic.” Kingsley

“The best bit was caving because it was fun, there were tight spaces and lots of challenge - Amy

“We were trusted to go in a group and we had to work as a team to find the markers it was like a massive treasure hunt” Blake and Laila

Day Four

A fantastic last full day of activities in the "proper cold" Mendips AONB (Area of Outstanding National Beauty). After a hearty breakfast, we headed out for some orienteering and climbing in Blackmoor Nature Reserve. The afternoon was spent doing bushcraft and gorge walking. There was even a flutter of snow! With it being so cold, the evening activities were adjusted to being inside where children looked back at highlights of the weeks and the memories they have made, writing Charterhouse postcards.

"Gorge-walking was very fun because it was basically playing in water and climbing and lots of exciting challenges" John-Henry

"Orienteering was VERY COLD and tiring, the stamps didn't do anything and I almost sprained my ankle... but it was fun!" Maisie

"I like building the dens because it had my name in it! We also played King of the Hill, you had to start at the bottom and get up as they count down and freeze. We found lots of holes in the hill!" Dennis