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Art and Design

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

- Picasso -


Our spiralling curriculum content has been chosen specifically to enable pupils to build practical, theoretical and disciplinary subject-specific art and design knowledge through our 4Es: EXPLORE, EXPERIMENT, EXPRESS and EVALUATE.

EXPLORE enables children to build their theoretical knowledge of art, exploring art history and art culture through the lens of a carefully curated, diverse selection of artworks and artists. 
EXPERIMENT gives children a chance to gain proficiency in different areas of art including practical knowledge about different methods, techniques and styles related to the artworks/artists explored.
EXPRESS provides children with an opportunity to create their own divergent piece, applying the knowledge gained through EXPLORE, EXPERIMENT and EVALUATE. They also have time to problem-solve, review and refine their work.
Children are encouraged through each stage to EVALUATE their own work and that of others, asking the kinds of questions that artists, critics and scholars ask (disciplinary knowledge) and identifying their own next steps.

Art learning across the school is recorded in sketchbooks and should typically evidence all four Es. We encourage children to treat their sketchbooks like journals and their thoughts and learning are recorded in a format that they would like to use, for example, using thought bubbles. Each child is unique and each sketchbook should be unique, enabling children to develop their independence and creativity.

Curriculum Overview

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