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Coronavirus latest advice re: self-isolation

Dear Parents/Carers


Updated DfE guidance on self-isolation


Yesterday's government guidance is that anyone in a household of anyone suffering the symptoms must self isolate for 14 days. If people have already been self-isolating they must now extend this period of isolation for the full 14 days.


For your information, I have attached a copy of the NHS advice detailing all information on self-isolation and advice for those identified as a vulnerable group.


This will inevitably have an impact on our ability to staff the school and we are making arrangements for classes to combine should this be required.


Cancellation or postponement of events: Following advice from the government on restricting social contact, we have decided to cancel or postpone a number of events/meetings/trips etc. Essentially, this means any event that requires people who do not work or attend our school, should not come into contact with our staff or pupils eg trips, tennis, football, morning and after school club. Safeguarding meetings, however, are exempt at the current time. Parents' evenings, due to take place on Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 April, have also been postponed. We will re-schedule once we have more advice for the DfE after the Easter holidays.


Work for pupils who are self-isolating:  We will be uploading a list of resources onto the website that children who are not in school can use. Further up-dates on other resources will follow over the coming week.


Your help please, and thank you:  Can I ask parents to find information on our website or check e-mails before calling the school to reduce the burden on the Office staff. In addition, please avoid coming in to school to drop off lunches, forgotten books etc.

If a parent needs to collect a child for an appointment or who is going home ill, I have asked them to continue to do so as this is a safeguarding arrangement.


This is an extraordinary situation and can I say a real thank you to everyone who is doing extra at the moment; I know it is an extraordinarily challenging time but I am grateful to all the school community for their support and understanding. I will keep you updated of changes as they occur.


Best wishes


Mrs Helen Melidoro