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Code of Conduct November 2020

North Mymms St. Mary’s CE Primary School – Code of Conduct Families

November 2020

In consultation with the Governing Body and staff, risk assessments have been carried out and measures have been put in place to control the risks to pupils, parents and staff. We aim to keep your children in school, as safe as possible. Please help us by reading and following the guidelines below:

  1. St Mary’s is very different due to guidance provided by the DfE (Department for Education) being followed. Classrooms have been set up with safe distancing in mind.
  2. The children have been put into groups known as ‘bubbles’ as recommended by the DfE guidance, to keep safe. These `bubbles’ will be EYFS, KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2 and children will have their break and lunchtimes within these bubbles.  However, the children will stay in their year group classrooms during the school day. They will not be mixing with other bubbles at any point at all including break and lunchtimes. 
  3. Start times, pick up times and drop off/pick up points are different for each ‘bubble’.
  4. Only one member of the household should bring children to school. If possible, please do not bring siblings at drop off and collection times.
  5. Parents must maintain social distancing at the school gates or on the playground and must not congregate in small groups.
  6. Parents\carers and children over 12 years must wear face coverings when entering the school site and drop off and pick up times.  You will also be asked to wear face coverings if you are invited to attend a meeting in the school building.
  7. Children must remain at school for the duration of the school day as part time attendance increases the risk of movement in school.
  8. If you need to speak to the school office, please contact by telephone or email. We politely request that you do not visit the office without prior arrangement. Please communicate absences using the school answer phone or Studybug App explaining the reason for absence as soon as possible as we have to report reasons for absence to the DFE. All payments must be via the School Gateway and no cash will be taken.
  9. Children will be required to wash their hands after using the toilet and sanitize them on arrival and regularly throughout the day. 
  10. Children will be encouraged to maintain social distancing where possible and will be advised to keep 2 metres apart from adults. Desks will face the front of the class with a 2m distance from the teacher and TA.  The tables will be in rows with children sitting side by side.  Children in KS1 will have their own resources provided and KS2 should bring in a labelled pencil case of resources which should stay in school. Any shared resources will be cleaned between groups.
  11. PPE and first aid resources will be in each classroom for every bubble including washing facilities and cleaning spray which will be undertaken at regular intervals throughout the day in compliance with an agreed procedure.  Hand sanitisers will be positioned around the school for use before entering and exiting a room.
  12. Cleaning of classrooms will continue daily and waste disposed of in lidded bins as recommended.
  13. Under Government Guidance, children should not wear masks. If a child arrives at school wearing a mask they will be asked to remove it and it will be disposed of.
  14. Children need to come to school wearing clean school uniform. Shoes must be safe and children must be able to do them up. PE kit must be worn on the day your child has PE so there is no need to change at school.  Navy or black jogging bottoms can also be worn on PE days. 
  15. The children must have a named water bottle and packed lunch (only if they usually bring one). Any packed lunches must be in containers that the children can open themselves and the contents of which must be easily accessible.
  16. Book bags and school bags are permitted but please ensure only essential items are brought in such as a water bottle and reading book.
  17. Classrooms will continue to be heated but well ventilated during winter months.  It is therefore advisable for children to wear layers of clothing ie vest or T shirt under their shirt in addition to a school jumper or cardigan.
  18. If it is hot and sunny children should wear a sun hat and cream. Following our normal guidelines, we will not be able to reapply sun cream so children need to be able to do so themselves or please use once a day options.
  19. Children must not enter school if they are displaying any symptoms of Corona Virus – high temperature/cough/loss of taste etc – or any other illness
  20. If a child becomes ill with a new or continuous cough or a high temperature in school they will be taken to a designated area in school whilst waiting to be collected. All parents of children attending MUST provide 2 up to date contact numbers and must respond promptly to calls from school in case the child is showing signs of COVID-19.
  21. If a member of the family household displayed symptoms of COVID-19 then the child must stay away from school for 14 days or until a negative test has been obtained.
  22. In the event of a positive case in a bubble the local health protection team will be contacted and their advice followed. 
  23. Please ensure that you have talked your child through the Children’s Code of Conduct and help them to understand what it means. We will also go through this with them in school. If your child is unable to or chooses not to follow the guidance then they will be sent home.


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