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Mulberry - Y6

Welcome to Mulberry Class Y6

Science. Which plastic bag best for carrying heavy shopping?

English: conscience alley. Should Macbeth murder King Duncan?

English: conscience alley. Should Macbeth murder King Duncan? 1
English: conscience alley. Should Macbeth murder King Duncan? 2
English: conscience alley. Should Macbeth murder King Duncan? 3


On our final day, we began early by stripping our bed linen and packing our cases. Everyone seemed to sleep so well and many of us needed a lot of waking at 7.30am.

Following breakfast, we enjoyed playing outside, exploring the ' secret gardens, pond area and using the trim trail. Then we learnt how to create batik art using hot wax in the Art Barn ; it was tricky as many of us had never done it before or had only ever used wax crayons. Nevertheless, the results were impressive and we have come away with a personalised batik bag each.

 By far our favourite activity of the day was The Burwell Fox. After learning about foxes, we worked in pairs to sneak through the woodland using maps to locate questions and solve clues.All the time we had to evade detection by the 'farmers' who were Mrs Best and Mr Extence dressed up.It was such fun!

Lunch was a BBQ of sausages and burgers followed with lollies.

Finally the time came for us to leave Burwell and, while we are looking forward to getting home, we were all sad to leave.

Here are some of our last thoughts-

"The Burwell Fox was my favourite.It was intense hiding from the farmers." Frankie.

" I liked the TV studio experience.We got to do all the technical stuff which you wouldn't be able to do at school. It was fun."Scarlett

" I was anchor for our news programme and directed the other team's news. I learnt to speak into the camera directly." Emmie.

" Using the TV camera was good and moving it around and the green screen." Sophie

" The food was amazing , I liked the roast chicken a lot." Jayden

" The food was fantastic and everyone nicknamed me the Machine because I ate so much!" Logan

" I just liked being away from home with my friends.It was great." Hayden.

" I loved everything about Burwell." Cassie.



Day 2


After a good night’s sleep, we had a hearty breakfast followed by some free time exploring the grounds. Team challenges were our first organised activity of the day with the idea of developing the skills of team work whilst collecting points in the form of miniature eggs. (We’ll explain later) Some children showed excellent creativity and leadership skills. Check out the pictures to see more. 


Before and after lunch we headed into the TV studio where we met Ed, who taught us how to use the equipment and create our news reports. Our technical jobs included: camera operator, floor manager, director, vision and effects mixers and sound mixer in addition to the various news desks and reporters. Although extremely complicated, the children grasped these new skills very quickly and handled the equipment like professionals. 


After a short refreshments break, team challenges continued with the ‘Egg Drop Challenge’. The children competed against each other and the adults to design and create a protective package for an egg. The children had to use their team points collected earlier in the day to purchase various resources to help them build their package which had to be strong enough to withstand a 50ft drop. Each group then took it in turns to drop their packages and see whether their egg had survived the fall.


Dinner was once again delicious as we tucked in to chicken goujons and chips. This was followed by homemade birthday cake and a singalong for Scarlett. 


The highlight of of the day was our campfire, where Mr Extence and Mrs Best attempted to teach the children renditions of traditional campfire songs followed by hot chocolate and the toasting of marshmallows to bring a very busy day to a close. 







Burwell House September 2019


Day 1

After a short delay with the coach, we began our journey to Cambridgeshire arriving at shortly after 10.30am.  Our first morning activity was ‘ The Snail Game’ where we were placed in teams and had to race around the 3 acre grounds to find the answers to lots of questions.

Lunch was  a scrumptious chicken pie, mash and vegetables followed by delicious chocolate brownie and ice cream for pudding. Each of us has a role at meal times to help lay tables, clear away , clean and set up for the following meal.

After lunch it was craft time and in the Art Barn we all learnt to enamel and created our own enamel key ring. A little later, we had an introduction to the TV studio which we will be using tomorrow, then edited scripts which we had started at school and allocated roles for our new production teams.

 We enjoyed a game of hide and seek in the gardens before being shown to our rooms.

Dinner was yet again amazing: this time we ate pizza and wedges followed by jelly.Finally, our evening activity outside was a ‘ Blind Trail’ where we had to guide our blindfolded partners round a course which was not easy. there were many obstacles to avoid , not the least being Mrs Best who was squirting everyone with water for what she called that ‘ authentic’ touch! ( Mr Extence did not agree.)

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their first day here at Burwell and we are all looking forward to bed.