North Mymms St Mary's

CE Primary School

Overflowing with Thankfulness, Inspiration and Joy

Meet the Team

Senior Leadership TeamRole 
Mrs H Melidoro 


Mrs D Bartlett

Deputy Headteacher

Key Stage 1 Leader

Mrs S Berridge


Key Stage 2 Leaders
Mrs H StoughtonKey Stage 2 Leaders
Miss E CaliskanSchool Business Manager


Teaching Staff:

NameClass Support Staff 
Miss R EdwardsOak - Reception

Mrs L Ellis

Mrs D Bartlett

Willow - Year 1

Mrs J McGeady 

Miss D Ambler

Sycamore - Year 2


Image coming

Miss D Males

Chestnut - Year 3

Miss K Hazell

Mrs F Morrall (M-W)

Mrs A Best (W-F)

Hornbeam - Year 4

Mrs L Honour 

Mrs S Berridge (M-W)

Mrs H Stoughton (W-F)

Rowan - Year 5

Miss J Hood 

Mr A Guilder

Mulberry - Year 6

Miss S English (M-Th)

Miss Hood (F am)


Additional Teaching Staff:

Ms L MatteoniSENCo (T/W)
Miss B Draper

Music Teacher

(1st Note) 

Mr D HarrisAcademic Mentor (English)
Mrs T Taylor

Computer Science Teacher

(M pm\F)


Office Staff:

Miss E Caliskan - School Business Manager
Mrs P Extence - School Secretary
Mr D Nyberg  -  IT Support (Interm IT)Image Coming



Mr D Lewis



Miss J Amos
Mrs L Hardwick 
Mrs R Jones
Miss J Munns


Catering Staff (Herts Catering Ltd):

Ms N Parker - Cook ManagerImage coming
Ms F Claridge - General AssistantImage coming