North Mymms St Mary's

CE Primary School

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At St Mary's we are passionate about developing in pupils a love of number and the aspiration to solve problems. Maths is taught daily and we are currently using the Essentials Maths scheme within school to develop the National Curriculum aims of mastery, fluency and reasoning.

 Our vision is to for our pupils to be maths confident, maths resilient and maths excited! 

Speaking and listening is an important aspect of  Maths lessons, and we aim to give children the confidence to talk about how and why they have used certain strategies. A variety of methods and resources are used to aid their understanding of mathematical ideas and we teach using a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach. 

Times Tables and Key Number facts

Learning times table facts can be fun if you use Times Table Rockstars and Numbots can be used for younger children to practise key facts in fun ways. Click on the link below and use the username and password given to you by your teacher.