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Friday 16th November


'Rehearsals under way!'


The children have now received their parts for the nativity and have been busy practising their lines. Rehearsals in the hall have also begun and the children have been listening carefully and trying hard to say their words clearly and loudly! Please support your children by helping them to learn their words.


In English, we have been learning all about list poems. We read a poem called 'January, cold, desolate' by Christina Rossetti. We looked at the language and used it to write our own versions. We also followed the same process for another of Christina's poems 'What is pink?'. To finish off a very busy week in English, we also looked at a poem called 'Autumn woods', by James S. Tibbets. We then thought about things we associate with autumn. After this, we added adjectives to describe them, before creating our own poems 'What is autumn?'.


In Maths, we have been learning how to find the difference between two numbers. We have used lots on concrete resources as well as our knowledge of subtraction to help us!


Friday has been a very special day as we have been supporting 'Children in Need'. We loved wearing our spotty clothes and Pudsey ears! In the afternoon, we were able to go and carry out different activities in Oak, Willow and our own classroom. In our class we got to decorate biscuits with yummy, spotty sweets and yellow icing!


This week is also Anti-Bullying week. On Friday we also had a visit from PCSO Sam, who told us all about the different types of bullying and why it is so important to both tell an adult if you're being bullied and make sure you never bully anyone else.


Here are some comments from the children:


Brodie: I liked decorating biscuits for Children in Need

Laila: I've enjoyed writing poems this week

Macey: I liked going to different classrooms for Children in Need

Gracie: I've enjoyed practising my spellings

Jessica: I liked our visit from Sam

Brayden: I've enjoyed rehearsing for the play

Friday 9th November


'Batteries recharged!'


After a restful half term break, it was back to the hard work this week for Sycamore class!


In English, we have been learning about different types of poems. I wonder if the children can tell you about some of the different types of poems we can find?


In Maths, we have been learning about doubles and near-doubles, and using our maths speaking frames to help us talk about how we know an answer. We have also been learning how to 'rebalance' tricky calculations to make it easier to find the answer.


We have also begun learning the songs for our nativity: 'The Inn-Spectors'. We are incredibly excited to start practising on the stage too! The children will receive their scripts on Monday.


Here are some comments from the children:


Laila: I've enjoyed rebalancing sums in Maths

Charlie: I like doing the daily mile every day

Lexy: I've liked learning our Christmas songs

Aysha: I've enjoyed learning about different types of poems

Emanuel: I've enjoyed learning my spellings

Rose: I enjoyed answering questions about the poems we read

Gracie: I've liked practising my times tables

Bartek: I've enjoyed early work because I can practice my times tables and spellings

Friday 19th October


'Thinking of others'


Firstly, sorry for not posting a blog last week. We had a brilliant week which culminated in our wonderful Harvest festival at church. We learned about harvest in Scotland and how they make a special bread called 'Lammas' with the first wheat of the harvest. We made our own bread, then wrote instructions for making a sandwich. Once we had done that, we made our sandwiches and they were delicious. Check out our class gallery for pictures.


This week has been another very busy week for Sycamore. As well as all the hard work taking place in the classroom, we have also had some special visitors to our assemblies! 


On Tuesday, Margaret and Vanessa from 'Herts Vision Loss' came to speak to us. Vanessa told us all about the work they do to support people with vision loss. We got to see some of the fantastic equipment available for people with vision loss to help them in their everyday life. We were all particularly amazed by a special device that tells you the colour of the clothes you are wearing!


On Wednesday, we had a man from the Hatfield Food Bank come to our assembly. He told us all about the work they do to support those less fortunate than ourselves. At the end of assembly, he also told us how many kilograms of food we had provided for the food bank from our Harvest collection.


It has been a busy week of learning as always in Sycamore. In Maths, we have been learning to subtract. We have been using lots of resources to help us, as well as using different written methods to help us record our answers.


In English, we have been continuing our work on Instructions. We received an e-mail from the British Secret Service telling us that they had managed to capture the dragon but they had no idea how to take care of it! They asked us for our help and Sycamore did not disappoint. We thought carefully about the equipment we would need and then wrote our method. Hopefully our work will help the Secret Service!


In Science we collected our clipboards and headed for the playground in search of examples of different materials in our school environment. We thought carefully about what materials were being used and why they were being used.


We have also been continuing our fitness drive with The Daily Mile. We are determined to be the fittest class in the school!


Here are some of the children's highlights:


Jessica: I enjoyed 'Fix-it-Friday' (where children have a chance to check green comments and practice spellings from their books)


Laila: I liked writing my dragon Instructions.


Gracie: I've enjoyed learning how to subtract in Maths.


Wendy: I liked Margaret and Vanessa's assembly.


Amy: I liked the food bank assembly and finding out how much food we had donated.


Brodie: I've enjoyed practicing my times tables.


Bartek: I enjoyed doing a Maths test on Friday.


Drewe: I have liked learning to take-away in Maths.





Friday 5th October


'Being fit for learning'


This week saw the launch of 'The Daily Mile' across the whole school. This is an initiative taken up by thousands of schools around the country to improve the fitness of children. The idea is simple. Every single day, come rain or shine, all children get outside for 15 minutes of activeness. Children can choose to run, jog, walk, skip, hop or jump! It's completely up to them, as long as they are always moving. We started on Thursday and we already love it! Check out our class gallery for pictures.


In English, we have started learning about Instructions. We had an incredibly exciting morning on Tuesday. Mr Extence showed us a video of a dragon flying around a town! Suddenly, Mrs Taylor rushed into the classroom to say that she had seen something outside that looked just like dragon footprints! Being the curious bunch we are, we just had to go out and see what was going on! Then we saw them. Lots of huge dragon footprints on the playground. We took photos of the evidence and headed back to class. We have spent the rest of the week learning how to write really detailed instructions so that we can write instructions for how to trap the dragon! Have a look at the class gallery for pictures.


In Maths we have continued learning how to add. We have been using lots of different methods to add two-digit numbers and ones, two-digit numbers and tens, and 2 two-digit numbers! It has been a big challenge but we have risen to it and are continuing to grow as mathematicians.


In Science, we carried out an investigation all about fabrics. Our job was to see which fabrics would be best for a pair of dungarees. We attached fabrics to a stone with an elastic band and then rubbed the fabric against the wall. We recorded how many rubs it took before the fabric split and used the information to work out which fabric was strongest and therefore the most suitable.


In History, we were very lucky as Mrs Taylor brought in lots of old pictures and magazines from many years ago. They all focused on parts of our local area. We studied all the items and used them to compare life in our village many years ago to life in our village today.


In P.E, we were lucky enough to have a go on the ropes! We had to be very careful, and use all of our gymnastic skills to make sure that we could climb up and down the ropes safely.


We also had our first go at a times table test this week. Some of us are getting pretty close to reaching our 'Bronze Award' and all of us are working really hard to get better at our times tables. We have them all in the back of our homework books so that we can practice every day!


Here are some quotes from the class about our week:


Amy: I enjoyed doing my first times table test.

Lexy: I enjoyed learning how to add in Maths.

Emanuel: I like practicing my spellings.

Tate: I really like doing the daily mile.

Bartek: I'm enjoying our Instructions work in English.

Amelia: I liked learning about bossy verbs in English.

Charlie: I like learning our times table songs.

Brayden: I enjoyed looking at old pictures in History.

Brodie: I loved it when we saw the dragon footprints.

Friday 28th September


'Persevering with our learning'


It has been a week of perseverance for Sycamore. We have been incredibly busy and have had to push ourselves hard, especially in Maths and English!


In Maths, we have been learning how to add two-digit and one-digit numbers in different ways. We've used number lines, our part-part-whole models, and some of us have even been using column addition!! Whilst it has been a challenge, the children have risen to it. We have also been practicing our times tables with the help of some catchy music! We are working hard to be fluent in our 2's, 3's, 5's and 10 times tables. We have our times tables in the back of our homework books so that we can practice at home too!!


In English, we have come to the end of our journey with Rapunzel. We have loved creating our story-map, learning our actions, and finally writing our wonderful stories. We have had to have lots of stamina as it is a long story, but most of us have written more than three pages of writing!


In Science, we have been thinking about whether materials are a good choice or a bad choice for different objects. We read a poem by Michael Rosen called 'Woolly Saucepan' and thought about why his ideas wouldn't work. We then played our own game with objects and materials, and explained to each other the suitability of different materials for different objects.


In R.E we have been thinking about taking care of our world. We came up with some 'big rules' for the whole world to follow.


In P.E, we have been having lots of fun learning how to travel in different ways, and have been learning how to use the apparatus.


In Art, we painted our favourite part of the Rapunzel story. We are going to put them on our classroom windows, so that you will all be able to see our fantastic work!


Here are some quotes from the children:


Laila: I have enjoyed writing my Rapunzel story

Wendy: I really like practicing my times tables

Jessica: I had lots of fun going on the apparatus in P.E

Macey: I have enjoyed learning different ways of adding

Drewe: I liked adding in maths

Justice: I enjoyed thinking about my rules for the world in R.E

Amelia: I liked writing my Rapunzel story



Friday 21st September


Pushing ourselves!


This week has been a week of challenges for Sycamore Class and we are learning how to rise to the challenge. In Maths, we have been learning all about number patterns, and how to find missing numbers in a sequence. It has been a real challenge, but by the end of the week we were really starting to understand the concept.


In English, we have managed to finish our story map for Rapunzel!! Yesterday we 'boxed-up' the story, and today we began writing our retellings of the story. We are very excited to share our writing with you soon. Check out the gallery section of our page to look at our awesome story-map!


In Science, we have been continuing our exploration into the world of materials. This week we looked at an object that can be made out of different materials, such as spoons (wooden, plastic or metal). We also identified objects that were made of more than one material, such as scissors and our classroom chairs.


In R.E, we have been thinking about the things that we can do that would make God happy, and the things that people do that might make him sad. We also thought about some big rules we would have if we were in charge of the world!


In our History lesson we looked at images taken in Welham Green a long time ago. We looked at a picture of the bakery from 1900 and a picture of a milk-truck going around the village in the 1960's. We compared this to today and thought about some of the big changes that have taken place in our village.


In P.E, we have started our gymnastics unit. We have been exploring different ways to travel around and thinking about how we can move our bodies into low and high positions. We can't wait to explore the apparatus next week!


Here are some quotes from the children:


Aysha: I have enjoyed learning about number patterns in Maths.

Laila: I liked finishing our story map and looking at old pictures in History.

Amelia: I'm enjoying writing my Rapunzel story.

Wendy: I loved thinking about how we can make God happy in R.E.

Emanuel: I have enjoyed reading Rapunzel.

Amy: I really liked finishing the story of Rapunzel and 'boxing-up' the story.

Brodie: I really liked looking at different objects and materials in Science.


Friday 14th September

And relax!!

It has been a very busy first full week back! We have started our story map for 'Rapunzel'. The children have been coming up with actions to help them remember the story. I wonder if they can tell you about the story so far?

In Maths, we have started our first 'Maths No Problem' topic - Numbers to 100. We have been using 'Base 10' to help us write and compare numbers. We have been using 'more than' and 'less than', as well as these symbols: < > to help us. Maybe they could show you how we use them to compare numbers?

In Science, we have started our first topic which is 'materials'. The children had a great first lesson with Mrs Morrall finding out about the materials that different objects are made from.

In R.E, we have been remembering the story of creation and how Christians believe that God made the world in 7 days. We retold the story and then we thought about the actions we can take that would make God happy and also thought about the actions that people take that might make God sad.

Here are quotes from the children about their week:


Gracie: 'I have enjoyed reading the 'Rapunzel' story'

Jessica: 'I have enjoyed learning the actions for our story'

Brayden: 'I liked using Base 10 in Maths'

Lexy: 'I am proud of my writing because it is getting neater'

Bartek: 'I have enjoyed making our story map in English'

Friday 7th September


It has been a very busy couple of days in Sycamore Class. We are getting used to our new classroom and jumping straight back into our learning!


In English, we have begun reading and exploring our first Traditional Tale - 'Rapunzel'. We have described the main characters and predicted what we think might happen later in the story.


We are also trying hard to improve our vocabulary. We were given some 'boring words' by Mr Extence and we had to think of better adjectives to help make our writing even better. The new words are going on our 'Pop a better word in' display so that we can use them all the time!


We have also thought about how we can have a 'growth mindset' and the power of 'yet'. This means having a positive response to challenges we face in learning. So, even though we may find something challenging, or think that we are no good at something, rather than giving up, we can just say: 'I can't do this YET'. 


We have had a busy, but equally fun first three days back and can't wait for our first full week! Come back next Friday to see what we've been up to!


Sycamore Class