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Rowan - Y5/6

My 11th birthday

I woke up this morning and had presents and cards at the end of my bed. The girls and teachers sang happy birthday to me and Mrs Bartlett made me a cup of tea. The girls blew up some balloons and surprised me with them. At lunchtime we had jacket potatoes and then everyone sang to me and we had birthday cake. I went on zip line and we went to laser tag and I twisted my ankle but it’s fine now. Then we had dinner and got dressed for the disco. It has been a fantastic birthday with my friends. By the birthday girl, Skye.

Thursday 8th November

The girls woke us up this morning because it was Skye’s birthday and they were excited. We had a delicious breakfast and then went to shelter building. We had to build a shelter to protect us from the rain (it wasn’t raining though!). Next we went abseiling and it was scary. After that we had some time to play games with an instructor called Sam and some of us made a mini zipwire sculpture out of sand. We had a yummy burger for lunch and went to the shop. We sang happy birthday to Skye and had chocolate birthday cake. We played a few games on a climbing wall called bouldering and learnt a new song about Tarzan. Then we went to the zipwire and I went backwards (Billy). We then played laser tag and shot everyone then we came back to get ready for dinner. After dinner we went back to our dorms and got ready for the disco. We danced to lots of songs that we liked and had squash and crisps. Then we had hot chocolate and came back to play a logic game with Mrs Honour. We are sad to leave Kingswood but are happy to see our families. Written by Billy, Jake, Nathan and James.

Wednesday 7th November

What a busy day! We had to be woken up by Mrs Honour and Mrs Bartlett to go to breakfast, we were all very tired and didn’t want to get up! After breakfast we went to Aeroball which was a game on trampolines where you had to get a ball into a target on the opposite side where your opponent was bouncing. It was great fun, even when it started raining a bit. Mrs Honour and Mrs Bartlett had a competition and Mrs Honour got 22 points and Mrs Bartlett got 17. Next we went to fencing and then on to archery. After lunch we had the Jacob’s ladder challenge. This was like a tall wooden ladder made of logs and ropes and you had to try to get to the top and help your friend as well. We all tried really hard and some people reached the top. After that we went to an obstacle course on low ropes and then had to try to work out solutions to some game problems. We had a roast dinner and then had our movie night. We are excited as tomorrow is Skye’s birthday and we have got zip wire and abseiling. Written from extracts from the Year 6 Kingswood journals.

Tuesday 6th November

In the morning we got ready and we had breakfast. There was cereal, bacon, sausages, toast and hash browns. Then we went rock climbing. We all had a good go and Sienna and Feranmi managed reach the top. We then walked a long way to the beach and found a couple of crabs. We explored the rock pools and some of us found some quick sand! Skye lost her boot but then she found it. After that we had lunch. Next we went to the shop and then did an obstacle challenge and went on the go karts. Skye skidded and Feranmi, Abi and Billy crashed but they were ok! Next was night line which was a blindfolded obstacle course. Feranmi was at the front and had to tell the others what was coming up! It was amazing! Natalia bashed her leg and has got a bruise but she is ok. Then we had dinner and finally a quiz. Sienna, James, Natalia and Feranmi were the winning team. We are looking forward to tomorrow. Written by Feranmi, Sienna, Natalia, Oliwia, Skye, Crystal and Abi.


We have had a fantastic first day at Kingswood. On the way we stopped at Duxford and learned about some of the planes and other war facts. Then we had lunch and got back on the coach. When we got to Kingswood we met our instructor called Curtis and he showed us around. Then we went to a dormitories and made our beds! After that we played a few games and then we got changed for caving. Everyone went caving including the teachers and it was scary at first because it was a big sloping tunnel down and very dark. Then we played some games in the cave and found out about mining. We used our right hand on the right side of the cave to find our way out in the dark. Afterwards it was time for dinner and then we had a fire drill and went to our next activity which was ‘In the spotlight’. This was dancing and karaoke. We had lots of fun! Then we had hot chocolate and came back to have a quick shower before writing our journals and getting ready for bed. Will update tomorrow after we have been to the beach. Jake Wenham

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