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We follow the "Song of Sounds" phonics programme at St Mary's...


What is Song of Sounds?

  • Multi-sensory with kinaesthetic, auditory and visual activities that reinforce skills through a variety of learning styles making it ideal for pupils with English as a second language
  • Song is integral to the programme to help children remember every phoneme, a highly active approach with whole-body actions and lots of games to aid learning
  • Carefully differentiated, contains support and challenge tips to cater for every child in the classroom
  • Bring phonics to life with a fresh, lively, hands-on approach to teaching phonics with engaging, interactive activities that reinforce learning
  • Created and developed in the classroom by teachers, Liz Webster and Sue Reed, whose school saw a 90% success rate in the 2015 screening check.

What is Song of Sounds and what does it include?

Sue Reed, co-author of Song of Sounds, discusses how the new hands-on kinaesthetic phonics programme meets the learning needs of your whole class -- and puts the fun back into phonics. To find out more visit:

Song of Sounds

Teach your little one letter sounds and blends with this short video!