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Day Four: Thursday 10th November

What an exhausting day we have had today! We managed a full night’s sleep tonight with no early wake up from the elephants upstairs. We started the day off wrapped up nice and warm with wellies and waterproofs. Rowan class went two by two… in the rain down to the beach. Despite the weather, our spirits stayed high as we searched rock pools for any sign of life. However, any alive creatures had more sense than us and where sheltering from the storm. After a while the wind blew the clouds away and the sun (almost) came out to play!


We had some time to warm up our fingers and toes before Aeroball and Go Karts. Then we braved Leap of Faith and perfected our team work in Team Games. We managed to navigate the Nightline course even if the Ninja squirrels were trying to distract us! Before dinner we tested our brains with Indoor Initiatives before our evening entertainment of Trail of Mystery… Where we had the special guests of Cruella De Ville, The Wicked Witch of West, Gru, Captain Hook and Voldermort and we had to interrogate them to see who had kidnapped Mickey Mouse! Most of us managed to guess the correct Supervillan... And now Mickey has been returned to Minnie!


After some coaxing, we are now fully packed ready for our final morning at Kingswood and the return journey home to Welham Green- see you all tomorrow!!


Day Three: Wednesday 9th November


After being woken up nice and early by the elephants upstairs (a different school’s!) we got ready for a rain soaked day. The rain could not dampen our spirits as Group H set off for shelter building which was very appropriate! Group G managed to stay nice and dry doing their best Robin Hood impressions at archery.


Then we scaled the heights to brave leap of faith or conquer the zip wire. We all worked as a team for team games in the wind and rain mostly managing to do it with a smile! Group G managed to find their way around the site using a map with symbols for orienteering and surprisingly no one got lost! After lunch, to get away from the rain, we had our own quiz with the winners being the ‘Majestic Moustaches’ winning a handshake from our very own group leader, Chuck.


Everyone braved the mud, low ceilings and spiders to go into Kingwood’s own cave- in the dark- and left with a smile on their faces even if they did bring most of the cave out with them. The teachers are very proud of all of their resilience because there were some very nervous cavers initially!


Now everyone is tucked up in bed, after showers to wash away the Norfolk mud! All children are very excited for their journey to the beach tomorrow and there are quite a few who are sad that tomorrow is our last full day here.


All the letters home have been posted so you should be able to hear from them soon J


Kingswood Blog

Day Two: Tuesday 8th November


Rowan Class managed to have a good night’s sleep, waking up in time for breakfast! After filling up on bacon, cereal and lots of toast we were ready for our first set of dorm inspections… most of us managed to have beds made but there was still room for some improvement in some dorms, particularly with inside out bedding and underwear lurking under beds!!


We then set off on our first set of activities- all having a go on side by side buggies. Each child got to have a go at driving and also, to be passengers and tried a circuit and also a reverse park!! We had some speed freaks and a few crashes but everyone enjoyed their drives and survived!


We then had a full day of activities to follow including low ropes with some wonderful team work and trust activities. After lunch, there was much excitement with zip wire and Jacobs ladder with every child having a go and pushing themselves further than they thought they would be able to. We then had our own pool party. Almost all of the children have now had a shower and most of the girls have visited the ‘Bartlett Clarke’ salon for a blow dry and a chat about their day!!


After a nice dinner, we watched Despicable Me with hot chocolates and sweeties. We then came back to our dorms and wrote our journals and letters home. Everyone is now tucked up in bed, fast asleep, dreaming about tomorrow’s activities!


Day 1: Monday 7th November


We set off on our journey, arriving at Duxford with some excitement about their lunches! We looked at many planes, had a trip on Concorde and learnt about paratroopers before then continuing our journey onto West Runton.  


Rowan Class have all settled nicely into their Kingswood dorm rooms, making their beds without us even losing anyone in their covers and showing some great team work when helping others too. We have had a tour of the site and have even learnt our first camp song!


Group G had their first climbing activity in indoor climb and even managed to progress to the big wall! Group H found their way around Kingswood in the dark, with lanterns, for orienteering and managed to find some clues without even getting lost!

We had our first meal in the Kingswood Canteen of tacos or pizza and chips and big helpings of salad and bread. We followed this by our first fire drill, in the rain, and then sang and danced the night away at “In the Spotlight”.


All children are now tucked up in bed, ready for their jam packed day tomorrow!



23rd September 2016

Chocolate Tasting


As we have been learning about the Ancient Maya civilisation in History, we have been studying all about chocolate in D&T! 


Once we had learnt about the origins of chocolate in Ancient Maya times and its early origins in the UK, it was only right that we tried and tested different varieties of chocolate. We tried 14 different types of chocolate! They varied in type (milk, dark and white), price (30p up to £1.99), brand (Cadburys, Galaxy, Milka, Lindt and Hersheys among others) and country (USA, Switzerland, Dominican Republic). 


As we tried the different varieties, we had to consider the price we thought the chocolate was, the taste and the texture. We then scored the chocolate out of 10 to consider which we preferred, which will help us decide which chocolate to use later in the term when we design our chocolate treats. 


While we were excited to try the different types of 

chocolate, we hadn't prepared ourselves for certain types of dark chocolate. We were given different types of dark chocolate, including 70%, 85% and 90% dark chocolate. Have a look at the pictures of our interesting facial expressions on our class gallery page. We are sure you'll be able to spot which photographs are of us eating the darkest chocolate compared to the milk chocolate!

7th March 2016

Story Festival


Over the past 6 weeks, Rowan class have been employed as Big Writing Agents and were each tasked with writing an adventure story to be read at a Story Festival. All children have been working exceptionally hard and have produced some excellent stories. On Friday 4th March, all their stories were shared at the Rowan Class Story Festival in a variety of ways. Some stories were available to be read digitally, some stories were read to a small discussion group whereas others were performed to a larger audience. The audiences consisted of pupils from across Key Stage 2 and some parents were able to join us also. 


See some of the feedback we received below, then have a look through some pictures from the Festival in the gallery!


"Amazing stories Rowan Class. You all have excellent imaginations. Thank you for a fun afternoon" - Mrs Humphreys


"I liked everyone's stories. They were all interesting and really good" - Isabel Yr 4


"I liked all the stories as they were quite mysterious and magical. I really liked Sadie's story because it really caught my attention and it was quite a mystery!" - Erisa Year 4


"I liked Tommy's story; it had a great ending!" - anon.


"Well done Rowan Class. I really enjoyed all the stories that I either read or listened to. A lot of effort has been put into these stories. Children have great imaginations" - anon.


Well done Rowan Class - you are all fantastic authors!

3rd February 2016

Science Investigations


Rowan Class enjoyed exploring their outdoor area today looking at the affect of environmental factors on plants. Here is what we discovered:


"I observed a healthy plant with good soil. I knew it was healthy as it had brightly coloured leaves and the stem was upright" - Lillie


"On the field, we observed there was a lot of yellowing moss and a lack of grass due to limited sunlight from sheltering trees." - Chris


"The plant I observed was very small. I believe it was like that due to the fact that it was surrounded by bigger plants that towered over it. This would reduce the space that roots would have to grow, and it would also restrict its access to sunlight." - Molly


"We observed that most of the flowers were soft and silky but still not fully grown yet and were still blooming. But at the same time the condition that they were living in was perfect as they can get loads of sun when it comes out and there not to captive that they cant get enough wind." - Daniel


2nd February 2016

Young Voices


On the 27th of January 2016, 48 children  from St. Mary’s went along to the O2 Arena in London (after lots of practising). We all went to sing at the YOUNG VOICES 2016 event and also it was  their 20th birthday celebration. Eventually, we knew almost all the songs even though we were still shaky on some of the words but we tried our best. It was a really good experience for all the children even the adults enjoyed it. There were dancers from Urban Strides, and performers from Beatbox Collective, Laura Wright and Tom Billington. There were 7500 singers; it was an amazing sight when everyone did the actions and waved their tiny torches. It was an awesome  experience and we all loved it. 


Written by Lillie Smith, Emily Neville, Marty Hills and Matthew O’Donoghue 



13th January 2016

Reading Buddies


Today for the first time, Rowan Class enjoyed reading with children from Willow Class. We were excited to invite half of Willow into the Rowan classroom while half of Rowan paid a visit to the Willow Classroom. Each buddy was able to hear a child read and spent time asking them questions about the book they had read. Some Rowan children had time to share a book of their choice with their buddy before we all had to return to our usual classrooms. We had so much fun spending time reading with Willow; we are looking forward to next Wednesday where we can do it all again! Have a look in the Gallery for more photographs. 



5th January 2016

Rowan Class Are On Top!


At the end of the Autumn Term, Rowan Class had the highest average class attendance across the school with 95.5%. They have been awarded with the highly sought after Attendance Baton which is now proudly displayed at the front of the classroom. Well done to these 9 children who had 100% attendance last term also. We hope to retain our title at the end of the Spring Term!