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Visit to Whipsnade Zoo - 26th June, 2017


Willow Class enjoyed a fun-packed day at Whipsnade Zoo today.  Some of the animals decided to stay hidden in the shade as it was over 20 degrees!! However, there was still lots of animals to see including Giraffes, Lemurs, Lions, Rhinos, Zebras, Elephants, Sea Lions and even Penguins where we had a whole penguin each (of the chocolate variety)!!  We all had a trip on the Jumbo Express Steam Train which was great fun and we got to see even more animals.  The children were a pleasure to take and we were very proud of them.


Science - Animals including humans


Willow Class had a special visitor to help us with our understanding of the features of different types of animals. 'Puff' the bearded dragon joined Willow Class for a little while and we learnt about his features and what life is like as a reptile. We thought of what we wanted to find out about him and asked questions to gather information. Some of the questions asked were:-

"What does Puff like to eat?"

"Where does he live?"

"What does his skin feel like?"

"Has he got any other dragons living with him?"

We hope Puff comes to see us again soon.

Our visitor - Puff!