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Staffing Structure Sept. 2018

Senior Leadership Team Role
Mrs H Melidoro 


Mrs D Bartlett


Key Stage 2 Leader

Mrs T Wagnall Early Years Leader and Key Stage 1 Leader



Name Class Support Staff
Miss R Edwards Oak - Reception

Mrs L Ellis (1-1)

Miss J Amos (PT)

Mrs T Wagnall Willow - Year 1

Mrs T O'Brien

Mrs L Hardwick

Mr K Extence


Sycamore - Year 2


Mrs C Taylor


Mrs D Bartlett

Mrs F Morrall


Chestnut - Year 3

Mrs J McGeady


Mrs R Howe

Mrs K Page


Hornbeam - Y4/5

Mrs D Settle

Mrs A Best

Rowan - Year 5/6


Mrs L Honour


    Mrs S Barber (SEN TA)


Office Staff:

Mrs P Extence - Secretary

Mrs S Donaghy - School Business Manager



Mr D Lewis



Mrs K Hill

Mrs L Ellis

Miss J Amos

Miss J Munns

Mrs E Harrison


Catering Staff (Herts Catering Ltd):

Mrs T Davies - Cook Manager

Mrs T Pettit - General Assistant