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Day Four


What a day we have had as our last full day at Kingswood. We started the day with our best Robin Hood impressions in archery. After our first go, where most arrows landed on the floor, we perfected our technique and all of us managed to hit the target board! 


Next, we did Low Ropes, which required team work and some support with fists of friendship... to negotiate the course of balancing obstacles! Some children even managed to navigate their way around blindfolded, relying on their spotters instructions. 


Before lunch, we raced our way around the go kart track. There were a few crashes, a few drifts and lots of laughter. Miss Clarke, Mrs Reynolds and Calum #1 want advanced notice before any of them get their provisional licenses....! 


After lunch, we worked on our team working skills to play games including volleyball and kick rounders. We were then off inside to perfect our climbing skills in bouldering and indoor wall climbing. Children all worked together in teams to support each other as they made their way up the wall. We even had one children conquer the wall! The instructors commented on how much they had pushed themselves to climb their highest. 


Finally, we put on our party clothes for the Disco. We Macarena-ed, Saturday Nighted and 5, 6, 7, 8-ed. Ending the evening with our final hot chocolate, we are now packing our cases and finishing our diaries ready to come home! 


Our time at Kingswood will be finished off tomorrow with Team Challenge, to put our newly learnt team working skills to the test and Zip Wire. As well as singing lots more Kingswood songs before starting our journey home! 


See you tomorrow!! 


P.S. Happy Birthday Mummy Moggridge love Lily xxx

Day Three


Day three is over and we are exhausted (and that's just the teachers!). We have spent all day outside in the very cold breeze and we've had the most incredible day of activities. 


We kicked the day off with the teachers' and instructor's  favourite- Nightline- where the children are blindfolded and sent around an obstacle course. They need to work as a team, using their other sense and communicating their way around. All children managed the full course with no injuries and some fantastic team work to prevent bumped heads! The adults tried very hard to not giggle too loudly! 


The next was our chilliest activity but also showed the Year 6's team work and communication skills at it's best. In shelter building they constructed shelters using natural materials found in the woods. Both teams created fantastic shelters without any adult support or disagreements!


You might have seen on our Facebook and Twitter pages how well we completed our next activity- Jacob's Ladder. Two children made it to the top but every child astounded us with their determination and resilience. They all pushed themselves further than they thought possible (and we have the photos to prove it!).


After lunch, we wrapped up in as many clothes as possible together with our wellingtons for our beach trip! Unfortunately, the sun didn't come out but we still had a great time playing in and investigating rock pools. We managed to find- sea snails, crabs, anemones and a Kingswood first- a star fish!! We played some games and also jumped in many puddles, just like Peppa Pig...


We then bounced around in Aeroball before finally heading off to our Movie night where we watched Moana whilst drinking hot chocolate and eating marshmallows. 


All children are tucked up in bed now (even before lights out today!) to rest up for our last full day!! Chillin' at the beach 😎


Day 2


We were ready for an action packed day as we had mostly managed a great night's sleep... until some of us were woken by a herd of elephants upstairs! We had a full cooked breakfast to energise us for the day ahead but not before our first dorm inspection. 


Our first activity was fencing; we learnt the en guarde position, thrust and lunge and got dressed in our protective clothing! After learning how to salute we challenged each other to a match where we got to poke each other with foils. Then we found our way around the site with some orienteering and we mostly managed to not get lost! 


Our next activity was the highly anticipated "Leap of Faith"! With great bravery, we all managed to climb as far as we could and we have set ourselves targets to climb even further in our next climbing activities. And even a few of us managed to shout.. 1, 2, 3... Leap of Faith! 


After lunch, of pizza (!), we used our brains and logic to take on the challenge of Indoor Initiatives. With some people staying handcuffed to each other for a very long time... Next, we climbed up the climbing tower for abseiling and everyone made it to the top with lots of smiling faces as they came down. Then we lasered our way to victory in laser tag... getting very tired and hot and bothered.


We then had dinner and finished our letters home (they'll be in the post soon... hopefully!). We then went off to our evening quiz.


All of the children are tucked up in bed and fast asleep! We could not be more proud of the resilience they have shown today and are looking forward to our day tomorrow! 



Day 1


What an eventful first day we have had! 


We started off with a wonderful trip around Duxford, Imperial War Museum, where we saw many of the planes we'd been learning about in our topic. Followed by a trip inside Concorde, where we found out the windows are the same size as a spaceship. We finished our trip off by eating our lunch in the sunshine! 


Then off we set for our final destination of Kingswood. This was uneventful until, 6 miles from West Runyon, our coach broke down. Luckily, we were only 2 minutes away from the coach station so rather than walk we swiftly continued our journey in a new, much bigger coach! 


With much excitement, we arrived and settled into our dorms. Making our own beds... with varying success! Then off for a quick tour around the site we all had a go at caving with everyone staying underground the whole time! 


We then ate our first Kingswood meal and got ready for our first evening activity of- In The Spotlight! After dancing our cares away we came back for hot cocoa. 


Unfortunately, the boy's room had a leak so they're now in their new bedroom, having had to make their beds AGAIN (this time with a little more help to speed it along!). 


We're all tucked up in bed now, looking forward to an action packed day tomorrow! 


Sweet dreams! 

Year 6 x