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Each Friday, the children will receive Spelling and Maths homework to be completed by the following Thursday.  The Maths is completed online with  with written tasks given to practise key skills learnt in class.  If children are unable to complete this at home, they will be given time and support during a lunchtime  to complete it at school. Spellings are tested weekly.


Daily Reading

Regular daily reading improves children's fluency and comprehension so every child is required to read every night and we ask parents to sign their reading records daily. Reading books and reading records are collected in every Monday so that we can monitor the number of times a child has read. 

Times Tables

Rowan class have been working hard to improve their recall of times table and division facts at school and should know facts from ALL the times tables up to 12 x 12 off by heart. Children are encouraged to practise at home several times a week, in a variety of ways, to keep their skills sharp and answers accurate. Various resources for home practice are available in the classroom for the children to take as and when they wish. 



During the Spring Term, Year 6 children will be given small amounts of nightly homework revising key areas of Maths and Grammar.


Mrs Best