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Friday 18th January

In Maths this week, we've been learning about order of operations and using bar models to solve problems. This is as well as revising arithmetic and our times tables. So many of us have achieved our next steps and earned a certificate in the times table challenge this week. Well done to Jake F who earned his medal!

In English, we have been using I.S.P.A.C.E openers to start sentences and writing in role as a character from our Victorian novel. Some of our writing is now on display in the classroom.

   During our R.E. lesson we continued learning about prayer and this week looked in detail at what The Lord's Prayer means as well as comparing our version to different ones. Some of us wrote our own prayers after reading about how Jesus taught people to pray in James 5:13-16. 

   In P.E. we were improving our hockey skills, learning to dribble and pass the ball.


Fri 11th January

Four days back at school and it feels like we've never been away. We have started our new topic called Revolution which is all about the Victorian era. Mrs Honour made us GRUEL! It was disgusting! One thing we did like though is reading our new novel, the book Street Child by Berlie Doherty in English lessons. In groups we made collages of Jim, who is the main character. These collages are on our wall with some of our writing.  In Maths, we have been continuing our learning about fractions and we can now add and subtract fractions as well as find fractions of amounts.In R.E. lessons we have begun exploring the idea of prayer- what prayer is , when and where people pray and what Jesus taught us about prayer.


Week 7: 19.10.18

Week 7: 19.10.18 1

Year 6 children met the hilarious author A.F. Harrold today at the Joy of Reading event hosted by the University of Hertfordshire- this is him with the beard! He read and made up some silly poems, explained his most famous character, Fizzlebert Stump and thoroughly entertained us. We were then lucky enough to be shown around the children's books in the university's learning Resources Center before coming back to school.This was a great trip.

Earlier this week we also explored using chalk pastels in Art and investigated dissolving in Science.In Topic, we've been imagining we are Anne Boleyn, imprisoned in The Tower of London in 1536 awaiting execution and written diary entries. **NEW ** gallery photos today.

Picture 1

Week 6: 12.10.18

This week, we put the finishing touches to our autobiographical accounts , written as if we were a Tudor gentleman recounting our early life at Montague Hall and Hampton Court Palace ( photos coming soon!). We then launched into our new text , Way Home by Libby Hathorn and are enjoying writing setting descriptions.

    In Maths, we've been multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 as well as using negative numbers in contexts such as temperature and bank overdrafts!

    During P.E. lessons, we have been using all the apparatus in the hall to create bridges and Mr Willis taught us more Tag Rugby skills on Wednesday- he says we're getting quite good at passing!

    The highlight of our week has been celebrating Harvest Festival: on Thursday, we went to church where Rowan class explained a little about how Harvest is traditionally celebrated in Poland and we helped pack up the donations of food so they could be taken to the Hatfield Food Bank.

    On Friday, we compared the christian celebration of Harvest with the Jewish festival called Sukkot.

More news next Friday...bye for now

Week 5  5.10.18

Well what a busy week we've had! At the start, half of us went to St Albans Abbey to take part in the Hertfordshire Schools' Harvest Service. Following that, we have welcomed Nok and Sophie into our class which takes our numbers to 28.

In English we began the week putting the finishing touches to our draft autobiographical accounts. We have all imagined ourselves to be Will Montague, a man living in Tudor times who recounts his early memories as a boy who goes to London and meets King Henry VIII. We've still got to produce a published copy then we can show everyone.

Other highlights of the week include our daily mile! We have begun to introduce a mile run/walk on most days. It was quite exhausting the first time we tried it and most of us need to remember not to go so fast at the start.

In Science, some of the class carried out investigations to find out how the temperature of a liquid affects the rate sugar dissolved and then we have all set up experiments to try and convert sea water ( salt/ water solution) into drinking water. 

Week 3: 21.09.18

We've had a fun and busy week and the best part was yesterday when Year 5 and 6 went to Hatfield House on the train for a classical concert for schools. We listened to music and were able to conduct, deciding on whether it should be played faster, slower, louder or quieter etc. We even had a picnic in the grounds of the house.

At the beginning of the week, we finally finished our biographies of King Henry VIII - we certainly know some strange facts about him. Did you know that he owned the first pair of football boots? Also, they were made from a pigs' bladder!

We began gymnastics and proved very flexible learning to create 'bridges'. there are some pictures on our page for you to see. In R.E. we learnt about the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur, which Jews have celebrated this week and in Science we sharpened our prediction and observation skills when looking at whether solids dissolve in water or not.

That's all for now...see you next Friday

Week 2: 14.09.18

In Rowan Class this week we have been learning about King Henry VIII as our Topic. Today we started to plan and write our biographies on the King. Did you know that King Henry VIII owned the first ever pair of football boots which were made from a pig’s bladder?

In Maths we have been practising our times tables and in today’s test 18 children have improved their times tables for the last test, including us!!

We have also been learning how to round numbers to the closest ten thousand hundred thousand (Y5) and to the nearest one million and ten million (Y6)

In English we wrote a diary entry as William Montague, a boy in the Tudor times from our book Treason and we have completed our first full diary entry.

In P.E. we have been learning to play tag rugby by learning the rules, scoring tries and passing backwards.

Thanks for reading and make sure to read The Blog next Friday.

By Emmie.N and Jake.W

Week 1: 7.09.18

This is our new Class Blog which will be updated each Friday, giving news about what we have been learning.As this is our first entry, we are writing this as a whole class but we hope some of Rowan will take on the task of blogging each week. Here are some of our thoughts about our first 3 days.

Jayden: We've already started brushing up on our times tables and learning the 6s.

James: I wrote a diary as William Montague ( a boy who lived in Tudor times). 

Lacey: In P.E. we learned more about Tag Rugby. Working in 3s we had to pass the ball backwards and score a try.

Feranmi: I have enjoyed the beginning of our Topic work- learning about Tudor punishments for Treason, such as beheading!

Hayden: I liked the circle times we did and the games as well as hearing everyone's news.

All in all, it's been a busy three days ( ending with a fire drill). A positive start for all of us.

Remember to check back next Friday!