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Hello Parents on this Windy, Autumnal Friday.


This week the children have been preparing for Harvest Festival at North Mymms Church. 

Hornbeam were learning about Harvest celebrations in America and they produced Turkey pictures and they wrote about what they were thankful for.


The service was lovely and Reception to Year 6 took part. Each class learnt about Harvest celebrations in other countries such as India and Poland and of course England. The children donated tinned or packaged foods which are going to a food bank in Hatfield.


The class prepared their readings and some children read them to the congregation very clearly whilst others acted out the first american celebration with the American Indians. Others showed their Turkey paintings and read out what they are thankful for. We all sang a variety of Autumn Songs they had been learning in Singing Assembly.


It was a lovely whole school event and the children behaved very well in Church,



This week we have been writing abstract riddles about feelings. 

Here are a few. See if you can work out what they are.


You think of me as baby blue.

I am as calm as a waterfall.

When you meditate you can feel me.

I am hidden inside your heart.

When you feel me you would like to watch the sun set.

                                                                                                   By Crystal Michael

I am like a dark grey mouse.

The opposite of brave.

I come with a scream or a shout.

Maybe even a sad gloomy face.

Children are scared of the darkness. It is ok to feel like me.

Everyone has feelings and emotions.

                                                                                                  By Lea Szabo


I am an adventurous laughter. On an emoji's face I'm found.

When you're going to a funfair,

You'll express me.


If you express me,

You'll be like jumping bunnies.

I'm very much like,

Swishing rainbows in the sky.

                                                                                     By Peace Iheonu

Hello Parents,


A review of this week from some our children in Hornbeam.


Maddison - I like PE as I likes aiming my pass at Millie's Lacrosse stick. We did improve over the lesson.


Lea - I loved playing the shark game.


Jay - I got better at throwing and catching in Lacrosse.


Charlotte -  Maths - I have enjoyed learning how to round my numbers up or down and how to estimate.


Peace - English - I have been able to show off my writing skills when writing our own riddles.


George - French - I have loved counting in French and doing sums in French too.


Have a lovely weekend. Until next Friday.


Love Hornbeam

Happy Friday Hornbeam Parents,


This week has been a busy week as usual with lots of fresh information absorbed in Topic, French, PE and Science.

The children have been writing their own autobiographies, seeing how solids mix with certain liquids or not as the case maybe, learning to throw and catch a ball with a Lacrosse stick and learning how to say they like or love people and things in French.


This week some of the children have commented about their week -

Nok enjoyed the year 5 and 6 trip to a concert at Hatfield House because she had heard music she hadn't heard before. In science she enjoyed learning new information.


Charlotte said she has been enjoying maths as she is liking working with large numbers.

Adeena, one of our red certificate winners, has enjoyed the homework as she was able to write a a paragraph using all the homework spellings. She enjoyed the challenge,



Lewis enjoyed the trip as he went on a train and had his own train tickets.


Have a good weekend. Until next week.



Welcome Parents, we have just completed our first full week.


Adeena said it has been a joyful week with both our new teachers.


Nok said she enjoyed maths this week it has been both difficult and somewhat easy too.

As we would say in French comme ci comme ca (so so).


Peace - our new member of the class said that my first full week at St Mary's has been fantastic. I would give it a 5 star review !! Praise indeed.


Peace has received a red certificate with Lincoln today, it's also his birthday.


Our star of the week is Maddison. Well done for being so ready to learn and answer questions.


Mason has enjoyed learning about biographies in English and looking at different biographies like Anne Frank.


Lewis likes Maths because 'I am good at it and I am loving it.'


Crystal is enjoying the class book - Tudor Boy Spy (set in the tudor times).


Have a lovely weekend. a la semaine prochaine (until next week).


Hornbeam (14.9.18)



Welcome to our very first blog of the year.


It has been a very busy first few days and although we are all finding our feet and learning new arrangements, the children have agreed that they have enjoyed and learnt many things already.


Here are some of the memories so far of the last three days - 

Finley said - we enjoyed starting to play Tag Rugby with Mr Willis on Wednesday.


George, our first star of the week, said he has learnt how to present his maths book more clearly and to use the squares properly. He likes how it looks.


Adeena - we are enjoying the Science topic of Marvellous Mixtures.

(Although some children may have come home a little dusty from the flour ! Sorry !)


Ivo - I loved maths because it felt easy and I could do it all.


The 'Off with her head' Tudors topic has gone down well as the colourful King Henry VIII has interested them, in particular how he got rid of his wives !


Crystal has enjoyed learning and speaking in French and some children I believe said good night to you before they went to bed in french - bon soir!


Here's hoping our next full week is as good.

Watch this space.


Hornbeam Class (7/9/18)